Public Journalism

Journalism is not a business. It is a vital public service. For most of the past century, this service was funded by the advertising-driven model that drove commercial media. The Internet, and specifically Google and Facebook, have now destroyed that model. But the public still needs strong, independent journalism. This website is part of the public conversation about how we can meet that challenge.

Global Perspectives

We bring together from global publications a range of news and innovative perspectives on how to reinvigorate journalism and get it working for people again. These come from working and former journalists, academics and everyday media critics.

Topical Issues

Done right, journalism can strengthen democracy by asking tough questions of those in power and by holding them to account. Done badly, it can be a servant and supplicant of the powerful. We take everyday issues that dominate social media to show which is which.

Your Say

The Failed Estate aims to be a forum for debating and thinking about how we can support independent, public-minded journalism beyond the endless debate about media business models. Tell us what you think or share what you've been reading or watching on the topic.

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