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‘Mr Denmore’ is the pen name of financial journalist Jim Parker, a veteran of 26 years in the media and now a corporate communications adviser.
Jim began his journalistic career in New Zealand at the end of the 1970s, working in commercial and public radio. He migrated to Australia in the mid-80s to work in radio there, before a two-year stint in London as a radio correspondent and producer.
Back in Australia at the end of the 80s, Jim worked for five years in the national wire service AAP, before becoming a regional editor for the US financial wire service Knight-Ridder. In the mid-90s, he helped pioneer desktop delivered financial television as a correspondent and producer with Reuters in Australia and around Asia.
In six years at the AFR from 2000, Jim worked on new media ventures for Fairfax, including a short-lived joint television venture with CNBC and editing the AFR’s online presence. These efforts were interspersed with writing assignments for the hard copy newspaper.
Since 2006, Jim has worked as a corporate communications adviser in the financial services industry, where he writes and presents on investment, media and communications issues.
Jim is a graduate in journalism from the Auckland University of Technology and in social and economic history from Deakin University, Victoria.


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  1. Just been reading your blog, and finding myself in furious agreement.

    My one quibble is that you seen to ignore the possibility that the media owners are using some of the motivating factors, like click-through counts to mask their own agenda.

    My motivation for this perspective comes from reading the last book by Douglas reed, “The Controversy of Zion”. He devotes an entire chapter to the demise of a well known and respected British newspaper editor. It is well worth a read for anyone seeking to understand how the media world might be manipulated.

    Google it, free pdf downloads available.

    For information, not publication.

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