Ethical Standards

The Truth Test

What responsibility do journalists have to tell the truth? If the commercial or ideological interests of their employers require them to misrepresent an issue or incite conflict or exploit partisanship, what protections are there for the public against that deceit? And if journalists are the professionals they insist they are, what sanctions do they face for breaching the ethics of their trade? (more…)

By Mr Denmore, ago
Craft Standards

Radio Ga Ga

As people marvel at the immediacy of news via the internet, it is easy to overlook the fact that old fashioned steam radio has been doing this for 70 years or more. The words come out of the announcer's mouth and they are worming into listeners' ears in real time. And therein lie the potential problems. (more…)

By Mr Denmore, ago
Government Policy and Regulation

This is Australia?

I don't recognise this Australia. From where did it hail? The Australia I have come to admire is one of the world's wealthiest nations; rich in spirit and resources; a country that takes almost childish pride in its generosity of spirit, its good humour, its open-heartedness and its willingness to look after the underdog. It is the Australia that is always willing to extend a hand to the desperate and the needy. As the second verse of that song they sing at football matches goes, it's the Australia that says "for those who come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share". (more…)

By Mr Denmore, ago