Happy News

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A rich vein of work in journalism studies is that existing norms and narrative functions of the craft are seen as obsolete by a new generation of media-savvy digital natives. This funky crew wants performers who mash up satire, news & popular culture and break the fourth wall between medium and audience. It’s an exciting idea and one that draws as its inspiration successful US news/comedy/satire  hybrids like Jon Stewart’s […]

Mad Tax

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July 1, 2012: The day the insanity began. Towns deserted. Streets no longer safe. The Carbon Tax appeared to have destroyed every semblance of civilization. No-one stood in its way. Except one man. His family taken from him by godless gay marriage advocates, ‘Mad Tax’ Abbott was left to fend on his own, save for his loyal pup ‘Pyney’ and his whiskey priest confessor, Pell.  Today, was ‘C’-Day. Carbon […]

Deep Throaties

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It’s 9pm in the Daily Telegraph bunker and Gemma Jonestown is screaming herself hoarse.Her nationwide scoop about fatcat asylm seekers scoring free taxpayer-funded microwaves to heat up their 2-minute noodles is held up in production. “For chrissake, Woodward and Bernstein would KILL for this story,” she screams, between hurried sips of her Hungry Jacks large chocolate shake, “It’s only a photo illustration, mate!”

Black Budget Blasts Blueblood Battlers

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Don’t talk about alleged “middle class welfare” to Prudence Hetherington-Alswyth. This is a woman who already felt she had sacrificed enough. And now with Wayne Swan’s heartless  budget, her struggling family feels it has reached rock bottom. This is their story.

The Great Leap Forward

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It is 2020. We are on deadline. And the professors are in charge. Seven years since the imposition of the News Media Council – and anti-democratic academics are editing our newspapers. Bookish elites – thinkers not doers – are defining news for the ordinary people. And our freedom – Our Freedom! – lies bleeding to death in the gutter of our dreams.

Mounting Precious

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Just in: Pressure is increasing on Julia Gillard to call a leadership spill amid unrelenting pressure from backbenchers pressuring for a release of the pressure valve holding back potentially explosive leadership pressures. Sources close to the ABC say talk is growing about an imminent shift of three non-aligned backbenchers to the camp considering a vote for Kevin Rudd in order to silence ongoing media speculation about the release of […]

News Anonymous: The 12-Step Program

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One of the joys of the silly season is that the media focus switches from being bored to death by Duelling Press Releases in Canberra to the relative excitement of watching cricket tests on television. Like a blowfly loose in the kitchen, you only notice the enervating influence of the drone from the nation’s capital when the Raid starts working. The resulting quiet allows you the space to make […]

I’ve Seen That Movie Too

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As the ABC mulls the falling ratings for its flagship 730 current affairs show, it might want to consider whether the problem isn’t so much the presenter or the physical set or the stories – but the conventional television narratives that have become so hackneyed that no-one can be bothered paying attention anymore.